Thursday, May 29, 2008

doodad day

Take a look at these images...I'll tell you about them in a moment.

This is creamy macaroni and cheese

This is a single portion of strawberry pie...yup.

This is sweet tea.

First things first.
I started the day visiting my favorite garden center...because at this time of year I can't stay away.
When I saw the color and name of this brilliant rose, I couldn't walk away without carrying her along with me. Her name....Vavoom!!

Here's another beauty. I have a little sitting area that I decorate with blue, yellow and white flowers. Blue flowers are hard to find, so I was excited to see this frilly femme Amsonia... named appropriately "Blue Ice."

By this time, I had worked up an appetite. I knew exactly what I wanted. There's this casual, local restaurant. When I go there, I am usually one of the youngest, thinnest and most agile
customers sipping a sweet tea. (see above photo) I spend a lot of time reflecting on the circle of life is so short. But mostly, I'm really concentrating on enjoying this incredible unhealthy meal. It's always the same. (Scroll back up and look at the food)
Beef barbeque on a roll..really crunchy and fattening chips come with it(No photo because I ate it too quickly)...and
Macaroni and cheese with stewed tomatoes.
When it arrives, I almost feel like apologizing...sometimes I do. It looks like a ton of food. But then, I look around. I am the youngest, thinnest and most agile person in the place. There's a buffet offered too...which I never get. Most people get the buffet. So, I'm actually eating light.

I think about the food though,and can't help making the corelation between the food and the varied health problems that are evident around me.
I decide I won't dwell on my lack of healthy eating. The regular participants of this diet are happily sharing all the available booths. I am one of them.

Besides, this meal tastes awesome.
Still, I always come away from this restaurant with a comfortably full belly, a craving met with pure comfort food, and this nagging thought...

Getting old sucks.

So, enjoy your food.


Today, I did something different... I got a little extra something something. (Check out that ridiculous pie posted above...although it looks more like a heap, doesn't it)

But I could only eat a bite or two ...and took the rest home...but before I got home...

I had one last stop.

A bare bones fabric shoppe where you never know what you might find.
Look at my treasure trove of goodies that I picked up today! What am I going to do with them?
I have no idea...yet. I'm going to let my creativity take flight. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Fancy feathers...

Spools of thread, lace, cabbage roses, pink and aqua fabric...

Fabric crocheted fruit! Little lemons, cherries and strawberries..

and a cream hat...

Delicate flowers.

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