Thursday, June 19, 2008

black and white and polka dots

I love color...but I adore black and white too...especially in the form of polka dots. The combination of the two contrasting pigments is irresistible. Two strong "color" statements presented together in a fun and flirty way.
Can anyone look at polka dots and not smile?
I'm drawn to the black and whites in life. Right and wrong. Good and Bad. Yes and No. I sometimes get impatient with compromises. Maybe that's why I find the polka dot combination so appealing. Here you have the two extremes together...not taking itself too seriously... neither one being muted by the other. Two strengths working together. I like that.
I once had a conversation with someone I didn't know on a bus. There were a few of us discussing the topic of teaching estimation in math class. I took the opinion that math should always be why spend so much time teaching children to estimate. After all, if you went to pay for something with an estimated one would like it.
After my response, this gentleman, who had been quietly listening to our group, said that he worked in finance and that his job was all about estimation...particularly budgets and the like.

More importantly, he added...

"There aren't any black and whites in life,"he said..."just shades of gray."

I struggle with the purist in me who wants to keep my thoughts as crisp as polka dots.
I'm open to the artist in me who keeps looking for shades of gray.

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