Saturday, June 28, 2008


Thanks for visiting...don't forget your party favors!


Debbie Egizio said...

Thank you for the tasty lemonade! It really hit the spot! Oh and I love my pretty pink party favor! Thank you so! Can't wait to see whats inside. Love that fancy mask too. May I try it on? Well, off I must go to all the other Tea parties. Ta, Ta.

Elizabeth said...

So pretty!
Greetings from another Elizabeth.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful party!! I'm glad you were in charge of the favors and decorating! I'm a little late to the festivities this weekend but I'm migling with all of the guests and serving Mimosa's and Sangria to stave off the heat. I'll trade you one for a favor and the flowered candy!

p.s. Love the music! Carla Bruni aka Mrs. France is a singer too?

Brook said...

the party favors are so delightful! I so enjoyed your party!

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