Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the "House that Love built"

Let me tell you about a wonderful, easy way to help thousands of families. Consider collecting pull tabs for Ronald McDonald House Charities. My children and I have been collecting pull tabs for five years now. It all started when my middle son started collecting them just to see how many he could get. Then, I came across the information concerning the program and we all got very excited about this fabulous chance to help other children and their families when they really need it most.

It is such a habit to remove the tabs and store them in the drawer above our trash bin. We all remove the tabs whenever we drink a soft matter where we are. Sometimes, people wonder what we are doing pulling the tabs off and sticking them in our pockets. It must look a little eccentric! I now think it's impossible to throw a can out with a tab intact. I've been known to dig through the trash to retrieve a stray tab.

Ronald McDonald House Charities is an organization that provides housing to families when
someone in their family needs extensive medical care at a hospital away from their home. Our local House earns about $1,000 a month just by recycling the tabs that people donate! This money goes toward the operating costs of the House...things like food, cleaning supplies etc...

Unlike the rest of the can, the pull tab is pure it generates the most money when recycled. It also takes up less storage space and is cleaner.

Start collecting now! You can find information about your local Ronald McDonald House on the Internet...just Google it!

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