Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dog Tales...uh tails!

This is a picture that was taken in December....check out Bentley's long, flowing tail....

This morning as I was vacuuming the fur balls of Bentley's hair that seem to float non-stop across the floor, a crazy thing happened. Bentley loves the vacuum..or maybe he hates it and wants it to stop. Either way, he follows me really, really close as I vacuum. This time, he got a little too close for comfort and his beautiful, long tail got sucked up into the vacuum.
This monster vacuum cleaner grabbed hold of those long strands and wouldn't let go. Bentley squealed ...I screamed in horror. My poor baby. The suction is so strong that it sucked all the hair and rolled it all around the roller...all the way up...about 14 inches of tail!
It got all tangled and knotted around the roller. Bentley's trying desperately to free himself, but he's caught within two inches of his backside. I struggled to turn off the vacuum cleaner and keep Bentley from hurting even more. I'm bellowing at the top of my lungs..."I need help...I need help."
My children are in the house...ignoring me. Finally, they come to my assistance, and we unroll the dog's tail. I check to see if it's broken. It appears fine and he doesn't wince or squeal when I touch it. I'll keep a close eye on him. I wonder what he'll do the next time I turn on the vacuum.


Mei Mei Journal said...

Poor Bentley! I hope this si the after pic and he still has flowing tail.

Mei Mei Journal said...

I just read the post again and realized the pic was the before picture.

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