Sunday, July 20, 2008

Get Out There!

In addition to my projects...which are slowly coming along...I also went on a family vacation.

Get Out There! ...that's the slogan for Royal Caribbean cruises...and we did a lot of that this past week on our first cruise. My daughter danced on the cruise as part of the Stars at Sea program with her dance studio.(Nope...not for free) We sailed the Western Caribbean...visiting Labadee, Haiti (Royal Caribbean's own island), Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel Mexico.
There were lots of planes, boats, trams, taxis, vans and cars involved. Lots of people moving....a lot of eating.
Here's our ship!
Stage curtain! (bad pic...sorry)

We just got home...after a 5 hour flight delay. We got off the ship at Cape Canaveral at 8am and just got home at 11:30 p.m. I'll post more when I figure out how to get a slide show to work on my blog.

I will tell you ...everything they say about cruising is true...there are many, many planned activities on board, and excursions in port (extra)....tons of food everywhere....late nights...great entertainment. The ship had a casino, ice-rink, theatres, night-clubs, mini-golf...pools of course, plenty of bars and places to buy drinks...yummy tropical drinks. Everything on ship is included except alcohol, souvenirs and casino gambling. Excursions to various port activities are extra too.

My favorite excursion activity....parasailing with my daughter!

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