Monday, July 21, 2008

Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman was our third port and our favorite of the whole trip. Our excursion included ...The Cayman Underwater Observatory... a cruise in a glass bottom boat over the waters of Georgetown and a reef system. Divers fed the tropical fish so we could get a good view.
Grand Cayman would be the place to spend an entire week.

Next stop...Cayman turtle farm. Hundreds of large and little turtles!

And lastly...we went to Hell and back. Yes, Grand Cayman has a town called Hell. It's a tourist trap where you can send postcards from Hell.

This is a picture of Hell...which is actually dead, black coral.

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Anonymous said...

Hell looks like a nice What a treat to visit Mexico and hold those turtles.Dod you happen to see any Igunas?

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