Monday, July 21, 2008

room without a view

This is a photo of our room. We had two adjoining rooms. (there's a door by the curtain...the other room had a bunk bed that came out of the ceiling) These are interior balcony or windows. (I pleaded for these, but the price goes up significantly) Very tight living space. The point, of course, is to use your room for sleeping only. There is so much to do that this is what happens anyway. The bathroom is in the door to the unbelievably small space. If we ever cruise again... we would get larger rooms or a suite. We nearly drove each other crazy getting up, showered and dressed. Walking around in the room was difficult. There were a few slapping fights...some tripping, some swearing, banging of limbs and lots of dropping of items. It was pretty funny the first half of the week...not so much toward the end.

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