Monday, July 21, 2008

Towel Origami

Everyone on the ship has an attendant who cleans your room, makes the beds etc... Each night of the cruise, while we were at dinner, the attendant turned down the beds. We were always welcomed back to the room with a new critter made out of towels and chocolates on the pillow. They would accent the critters with our sunglasses, the remote, or whatever they found in the room. We looked forward to a new animal each night.

There were around 3,000 people on the you can imagine how many of these animals they made.

I hope to have better pictures to share when my daughter "allows" me to download her disc. Her camera, although supposedly not as "good" as mine, takes better pictures.

During the cruise, there were many photographers taking your picture every step of the way. These photos were then available to purchase.($$$$) This was especially nice during formal nights where everyone was dressed in black tie (or suits) attire. There were two black tie nights, two semi formal, and the rest were resort casual (no shorts for anyone, long pants for men... skirts, dresses or Capris for the ladies)

It was kind of nice dressing up for dinner each night...once we made it out of the room :)

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Towel Origami said...

Here is a free towel origami video for you to watch. You'll learn to make a towel origami puppy!

Enjoy! - Click here to view the video.


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