Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Inspiration

* above photo taken by my sister-in-law

I am inspired in many ways by the adoption of my two nieces from China.

Finished Work

Journey of the White Swan

The lotus blossom candles guide their journey home across the ocean on the White Swan... cushioned by a nest of protective feathers, and...followed by the Winged Hearts... to signify that adoption is a true gift of the heart... and also to symbolize that their Chinese heritage will always be a part of who they are...a birth gift they brought with them from China. The girls each hold a single swan feather to symbolize the transformation to their forever family. Feathers also have been associated with maternal love and spirituality.


Mei Mei Journal said...

I'm crying. :-) It is beautiful!

Fete et Fleur said...

This is beautiful! Oh my, I have tears too!


Kristin said...

Very very sweet! Thanks for sharing your beautiful art--

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous and a wonderful tribute to those little girls! Their story would make a nice little book and with illustrations like this would be amazing! Are you going to sell prints or cards of this?

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