Monday, October 6, 2008

Silly string

Sometimes my art takes on many forms. It can begin with the strangest things.

I like to just go with it.

This next piece started with a piece of string. I have started a whole series of "the string pieces," but this is the first one. The string is symbolically very important to the piece. I like the simplicity of it...the fact that string is used to connect and tie things together...or bind and tie things off. Choice.

There are several layers of meaning in this piece for me. I tend to like symbolism :) I think I'll thank my high school English teachers for that. I'll just mention a few of the main themes.

Sanctuary of course means:

a consecrated place where sacred objects are kept
a shelter from danger or hardship
area around the altar of a church for the clergy and choir; often enclosed by a lattice or railing


In very simple, basic terms this work is the raw emotion about the sadness in the world...big things like pain and hurt, war, and injustice...little things like disappointment, failings, uncertainty, daily irritants... how sometimes my heart feels torn from my chest when I hear and see the human suffering all over the world...mostly big and often little sufferings stay with me for a long time.

But more importantly, it also depicts the inspiration I feel in the strength of the human spirit.
The ability to keep going when things feel hopeless. Courage. Hope. Faith. Love. Endure and Grow.

The world is a small place, all our experiences are connected. Although, we each have our own wounds...our own heartaches... our own imperfect hearts... We are capable of stepping outside our own self... our own small world...all of us are capable of doing small things in great ways...of making a small, tiny difference in the world...if only we choose to reach out to do so.

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