Saturday, October 25, 2008

What happened to lucky 7?

I guess it's a sign that I really am old. I'm starting to lose whole days now.

Today, I took the time to check my calendar countdown days...something seemed off. I counted again. There are really only 6 days until Halloween! Somewhere along the way, I got befuddled.
Which I admit is not that difficult. And you guys let me carry on in blissful ignorance:)

My kids popped the 3 Hershey Kisses that were in day 7's box and we moved on...

Yeah! Two treats today!

Gummi brains...(which mine seems to be made of lately.)

Special seasonal food...cranberry pecan bread. Nuts are "brain food," right?

And a special treat for me...these lovely wrapped gifts!

Opened to reveal...

Spooktacular creations from Melissa. dreamy!

Seasonal Activity...helping mom find her lost marbles.(which starts now, and usually doesn't end
until January 2...if we're lucky)

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