Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Collectors Dream

I went to a museum tonight dedicated to Christmas...everything imaginable. These photos are lousy because my camera battery died and I had to take these with my phone. I was sooo bummed. Just imagine that you are looking through a blurry dream scape back in time :)

This photo was part of a room dedicated to the 50s style. My grandma had one of those kitchen tables and refrigerators in her home.

Shelf elves...

This was an amazing puppet theatre. It was stunning!

There were Nativity scenes in all sizes...including an awesome life size one.

There were nativity scenes from every country.

This nativity was 200 years old.

There was a candy store...

Santa boots...

Tons of paper memorabilia... ads, postcards, greeting cards, name it.

Santas galore...


My favorite section was this replica of the dime store Woolworth's dedicated to Christmas merchandise. It was amazing. Really indescribably jammed pack with goodness.

You could find everything and anything ever made for the Christmas season. These photos are a tiny sampling.

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Anonymous said...

Well it's a good thing that was a museum and not a shop..I would have wanted several items including the ones from Peru! What a great idea and I like the replica of the candy store:) Your tree looks great by the way. We're just getting ours up this evening. Have a wonderful week and Christmas!!

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