Thursday, December 18, 2008

Candy cane colors

My youngest son is home from school today with a stomach bug. I have a lot of running around to do, but this forced me to stay home. I took advantage of the time while he slept and worked on some more of my decorating. Yes, I will be decorating all the way up until Christmas Eve.! But, come to think of it...that's not much different from most years. There is always something else to add.

In the past, I have had a Christmas tree in every room...including laundry and powder rooms. It didn't seem finished until they were all up. When I was in college, I even had a Christmas tree in my dorm this is not a new obsession. My children all had Christmas trees in their rooms. They all had different themes and most were artificial. During one of my moves, I stored some trees and they got damaged. Most of the ornaments were fine. So, gradually I am rebuilding the tree supply.

As I was decorating...this lovely inspiration arrived! Boy, that stocking is the cutest thing!

Anyway... As I mentioned before...I usually decorate this house all in the blue, green, silver theme throughout. I did keep the main foyer and living room in these shades. But, I got bored.
So, I rummaged through some of my many Christmas boxes and found some red and white...inspired by the many cozy cottages you girls have in blog land.

I added this little tree to my kitchen.

This is at the base of the tree.

This little Santa holding up a snow ball candle is part of my table decorations, but it's not finished yet.
This little guy kept careful watch over me as I zipped around.

I have lots of red ribbon...who knows where it will end up...

This is the far...

This guy is begging me to get busy on my snowman collection.

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