Thursday, December 25, 2008

The "junk" tree

The junk tree is affectionately called that because it holds a mix of ornaments. These include ornaments from my childhood, hallmark ornaments and ornaments the kids have made over the years. Although it's our junk tree, it's really our most important tree. The ornaments, like the one below of my daughter as a toddler, are priceless. This year, some of the ornaments didn't make it to the tree. There are boxes and boxes of them. The kids usually put their ornaments on the tree and everyone's schedules were so crazy this year.

Santa brings all of his gifts to this tree.

Later today, we went to Christmas dinner at the kids grandparents. Of course, my camera battery died and I only got a few pictures...mainly of my adorable little niece.

When we got home, there was a gift basket waiting for my daughter on the doorstep. It was a surprise from her boyfriend. A few of the items included in the basket were a snuggle blanket and some cozy slippers. She's always so cold during the winter. It was so sweet.

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