Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas morning

Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning in our home always starts with breakfast... eggs, stuffed french toast, fruit, croissants, hash browns and bacon...and lots of strong coffee and fresh squeezed tangerine juice.

We stay in our's my ducky bubble pj's...

My daughter sports her silly socks.

At the kitchen table there are several traditions... we always have English crackers..or what we call "poppers" and we always have a table gift. This last tradition is something I borrowed from my mother-in-law. The kids really look forward to it.

Here's my daughter opening hers. The poppers always include a small toy, a silly paper hat and a joke.

Here's my "popper." Just kidding...I snuck this in to shock my kids.

The table gifts are little gifts...a make-up kit for my daughter, a trivia calendar for my one son, and penguins for my youngest.

We always eat breakfast on the Christmas plates with the cardinals.

Then it's on to opening the stockings...
My youngest son's stocking always has lots of penguin items in it!
Although this year, I think he really liked his Rubik's clock.
They all like the i-tunes gift cards.
Opening the stocking gifts takes awhile, but it's my kid's favorite part of Christmas.

Bentley says...where's my present? (Don't worry, I know poinsettias are very poisonous for pets, and he wasn't in any danger of eating them)

And peaches joined the party too!

After we open the stockings, we open gifts under the "junk" tree. I'll post about that later.

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