Thursday, January 22, 2009

I gave myself an award!

It's been an unusual week...with all the Obama excitement and all. I haven't gotten much done. or much sleep. I've watched more TV this week than in the entire year of 2008. I was worried about my daughter while she was at the Inauguration.... because of the cold and the crowds...but everything turned out fine.

I've been working on a few artsy things...all of them in various states of completion. I've been trying to get something completed to add to my giveaway for the OWOH event, and it's taking longer than expected. I'm sure all of you know that feeling. I think it will be cool when it's done though.

On top of that...I did a really weird and stupid thing ... hence today's title. It's still January and I've already won Stupid Person Of The Year. Sorry for you, better luck next year.

My left hand is bruised due to a run in I had earlier in the week.

Here's the evil culprit!

*google images

Doesn't she look mean!

This is the kind of thing that ends up on Really Stupid People... or something. I was rushing (key word) around trying to finish mashed potatoes for our Thanksgiving Dinner ( the typical turkey day meal that I fix once a month) when I realized one of the beaters wasn't in, I turned off the hand mixer...But, didn't unplug it. I can honestly say that I'm the type of person that would never do this. I don't know what came over me.

I grabbed the beater to quickly put it back in...and.......that's right, I accidentally turned it on with my other hand at the same time. My fingers got twirled into the beater and kept torquing around and around until my wrist felt like it was going to break. It must have been a really funny image with my hand stuck in the mixer high above my head, loud screams and frantic jumping. I only had one hand to work with, but somehow I managed to turn it off.

Have you ever heard of anything so stupid! No one thinks they are going to do anything so dumb. It's kind of like sticking a fork in a toaster! Really dumb. It's funny now...but man... I didn't know what to expect when I turned that thing off.

Miraculously, It didn't even break the skin, (about the only time I can say... thank goodness for winter's rough, tough hands) and nothing's broken...but, the bones in my wrist and fingers(especially the middle one) are bruised and stiff.

Lucky for you truck drivers out there my hand signals are out of commission for awhile. Bad stereotype, I know. I'm just kidding anyway, I don't do that.

More importantly, the mashed potatoes weren't harmed in any way! Dude, my mashed potatoes rule! You can not have Thanksgiving Dinner...even in January without mashed potatoes.

I had deep, purple dents for a day where the metal of the beaters dug in. At least, I know that osteoporosis hasn't set in my hand ...because my wrist and fingers surely would have snapped if that were the case. It's the same wrist that I broke falling on the ice two years ago. The same finger I broke in a basketball fiasco.

Could you imagine having to explain that to a doctor.

Take it from me, when they say always unplug electrical devices before adding should really listen ... ALL the time.

I know I will.

Now, lets look at some pretty pictures to get your mind off of that horrible image.

Ahh... a pretty crown that I added to my ever developing Valentine's table. (Note: If you go back and check out New Year''ll notice that some of these same garlands were present. This is how I take my Christmas decorating fatigue and transition to Valentine's Day.

Oops, a little crooked on the cake stand... hold on...


And now, my new favorite piece that I just found while junkin' on Sunday.

It's a Marie Antoinette French porcelain lamp! She's the base of the lamp! Yeah, baby!

She's so pretty, I can almost forget about that tyrannical hand mixer.

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