Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Something from next to nothing

As I mentioned before, I like to take dollar store items and turn them in to something else.
Here's a pink stretchy knee high. I took scissors and cut the cuff off. I also cut thin strips of the rest of the knee high...so that it made a round "0" shape.

Here's what I did with the cuff...a bracelet!!!

See!... what's great about it is that it's very light. I love to wear bracelets but sometimes they can get a little bothersome when I'm doing art. This feels like it's not even on my wrist.
And here's a little ring that I made with one of the stretchy "0" shapes. I just wrapped them around my finger to form the ring...and added a little felt flower.


Janet said...

What a cute idea!! The dollar store is one of my favorite places!!

cindy said...

That's really cute and clever! And yep, so LOVE the dollar store. You can come up with the coolest stuff.


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