Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sweet Valentine's Day
Sometimes you really do know yourself best...I planned my own perfect day...
I had a great day. I woke up early and had my first cup of coffee.
Then, I drove to my favorite bakery and bought some yummy goodies to share with my kids.

I stopped at the doggie store and bought Bentley some Valentine cookies.

Then, I went to a gift store where I bought myself this gigantic heart of candy.(The biggest heart I've ever seen) I also couldn't resist these stuffed cuties for my kids....yes they are too old for these, but I don't care...and it's a tradition that goes along with their candy hearts.
I look a little spooky here.

Then, I went to the florist and bought a single rose...(I prefer one rose to a dozen...actually, I prefer lily of the valley or freesia..but, alas...there were none)

and this beautiful birdbath planter.

Then I went to a little local town where there were ice sculptures on display. There were over 20, but here are a few...

I did a little shopping and ate lunch in a tea room...where I had creamy mushroom rice soup and a turkey and dill griller. Afterward, I had an amazing Almond Joy coffee steamer.

Here are a few of my Valentine treats that I bought myself...

I just LOVE this mushroom tote!!!!

Then it was off to the bookstore...I couldn't find the altered art circus:( ...and another shop where I picked up a few wardrobe staples.
Yeah...for the bargain books!

I came home and had a little photo fun with my daughter before she went out with her boyfriend.

You have to kiss a lot of frogs.....

After a quick change of clothes, it was off to dinner. I had shrimp cocktail, fillet Mignon with avocado... topped off with a few delicious Mango Passion martinis.

Here are my two sons looking ever so thrilled to be photographed.

My daughter and her boyfriend.

A perfect rose of a day.

There were only 2 things I didn't get to do...Vintage shopping and the fabric store...but that can wait for tomorrow.
Hope your Valentine's Day was super sweet!

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Du Buh Du Designs said...

Happy Belated Valentines Day!
I have never seen anyone make the most beautiful settings for holidays as you do. You are inspiring!

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