Saturday, March 7, 2009

Juliette Low Bazaar

My daughter has been a Girl Scout for thirteen years.

Thirteen years of these...
and so much more...

She started as a Daisy in Kindergarten...and worked her way through Brownies, Juniors and Seniors.

There is a lot of work, learning and community service involved in scouting. Many people underestimate it. As a senior scout...every badge requires a service addition to other requirements.

Each year, Girl Scouts around the globe celebrate Girl Scout Week (March 8-14). The Girl Scout Birthday, March 12, commemorates the day in 1912 when Juliette Gordon Low officially registered the organization's first 18 girl members in Savannah, Georgia.
Juliette Gordon Low (born on Halloween, by the way)

* Photos from the Girl Scouts of America.

During the week, scouts choose the opportunity to recognize international friendships and to remember that scouting is a global community. Our area hosts a Juliette Low Bazaar in March close to this honor of the founder of Girl Scouting, Juliette Gordon Low. Troops in the area....from Daisy(5 years old) to Seniors( 16-18) get together.

Before the bazaar, troops are assigned a place in the world to research. They create a costume, a display backdrop, a handmade craft, and food items to sell....all of which represent their area... which could be a state, province or country. They collect the money they earn selling these items in a decorated can . All the money made at the bazaar is donated to the Girl Scout organization.

This year, my daughter's troop had Tonga. Tonga is a small island in the South Pacific. They dressed in grass skirts, sold bead necklaces, bracelets and chocolate covered bananas.

Make my reservations looks like my kind of place!

* photo by National Geographic

I love seeing the simple handmade crafts the girls make to sell. (Most sell for 25 or 50 cents each) Here's a small assortment I purchased from the different troops. A lot of the troops also feature a game for the smaller kiddos to play and earn candy.

Most of all, I enjoy seeing the younger scouts interacting with the older ones...a sisterhood.

This is my daughter's last year as a Juliette Low Bazaar participant...unless she chooses to become a leader one day.

Below is a photo page from a scrapbook her Daisy leader made for her...thirteen years ago.

That year, my daughter's troop had the state of Kentucky.

Here's my little girl thirteen years ago.

My daughter today...

Next March, when my daughter is away at college, she may be too busy to remember a certain Saturday in March...but, I will miss this day.

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