Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March Madness

I haven't had much spare time for art or crafting these last few weeks, and I'm itching to get some free days...rather than moments.... to get my hands back into my paints, fabrics, papers and bits. I'm finishing up my egg garland to meet that deadline.... and that's been keeping me from going through total withdrawal....but, I really need A LOT more time. I'm afraid Spring will be gone before I even get to play... as much as I'd like... with those spring colors.

I'm even behind on my Easter decor...a few bunnies have hopped out of storage though.

I'm anticipating the Easter eggs due to arrive for the blog land Easter egg hunt. I sent this little collage along to Viv when I mailed my eggs in early March. I wanted to wait to show it, so it wouldn't spoil her surprise. It's a tribute to her beloved cat.

Some of the things I used included vintage cards and sheet music and Confections fabric.

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