Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sense and Sensibility

Do you ever have mornings when you wake up and all your senses are heightened.

I made a big breakfast of eggs, bacon, potatoes and fried tomatoes for the kids...

and me too! I got caught up in the scents, textures and colors of all that how the cinnamon crinkles add texture to these scones.

I noticed how the light was making the morning glow.

I saw things that I pass by other the reflection of glitter from a wreath on the wall behind it...the reflection...not glitter itself.

The shadows playing on walls.

Isn't this one awesome!

It is so true that the greys(or is it grays?) of winter make us appreciate the greens of spring so much more.

Today, I am really noticing the greens...and textures all around me.

It's a beautiful day...get outside and throw your senses a party!

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cindy said...

Just gorgeous!


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