Monday, March 9, 2009

No, really...where do they go?

A small....and, I mean... a small... sampling of my lonely socks.

Matching socks has always been a source of frustration in our family. When the kids were little, I used to give them this job... and pay a penny (or nickle...depending on my desperation) for a match. It never took off, and I was left with the matching frustration.
A few years ago, I read in a magazine how a woman with a large family decided to put all the socks in a large basket and match them as needed rather than waste time. I later read another idea where a woman just bought all the same socks so there was never an issue....say all white...same brand.
The all white didn't seem to fit us girls. I decided to buy mostly patterned socks to make matching easier...and, buy lots of white athletic crew socks for the guys ...and go with the basket.
But you's still a frustration. There are many different white socks and you can't always find the same brand...and the patterned socks...well, they have a high divorce rate.
I saw in another magazine how you could buy these little clips to attach to your socks when you take them off, and before you toss them in the laundry. Cute idea...for a bachelor...but, not a whole family.
I read how a celebrity just throws out the socks he wears and puts on new ones each day. (I think he was chastised for being wasteful, and now he donates the used socks to charity) This is very tempting...but of course, not too practical.
Recently, I took the opportunity to dump the basket to find a few matches. This is a HUGE basket because it needs to hold all the socks for the family.
More than 3/4 of the basket had no matches...patterned or white.
I hear that the washer eats some of them...and maybe the dryer has an appetite too...but this many...not a chance.
Where are these socks?
I need to know.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhh I love your new header! Did you make it on Picnik? hehe! oh and I totally have that same pair of socks, the fuzzy ones from bath & body works that are maroon and white striped w/ the little grippies on the bottom! Heheh!
Happy Monday!

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