Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring loaded weekend

My weekend's been jammed full of friends and food. Exactly the way I like it. I enjoy planning weekends with a full itinerary and that's usually NOT the way things go around here. It started on Thursday evening when I met a friend for coffee at Starbucks. Friday, I had lunch with another friend at Panera's and that evening my family met some friends for dinner and drinks at a local sports bar.

Today, I ate lunch at a downtown pub, and then dinner at Chili's.

Way too much food and drink this weekend, and now I'm feeling tired and sluggish. This is where I should say I'll have to add a few miles on the treadmill to counteract those calories. But instead, I'll just try to go lighter tomorrow...maybe I'll eat a few less Dove chocolates. :)

Got motivation?

On top of my culinary excess, my spring allergies have kicked in...gee... I only had about a two month reprieve from fall allergies. I'll be living on Benadryl for awhile. Darn pollen.

Weird dog moment.
Last night at 12:30, Bentley came to my bedside whining until I woke up. He never does this. He paced back and forth...pawed at the bed...whined some more....ran to the hall...cried. He wanted me out of that bed. He was acting like he was trying to tell me something.
Lassie episodes played in my the house on fire? Is something wrong with one of the kids? Is a hurricane, earthquake or some other natural disaster about to occur? I checked the house, checked the kids, checked outside...nothing.
He didn't have to go out.. I know this because I've trained him to ring bells when he needs to go to the bathroom. Just the same, I tried. Nope...he didn't follow me to the door.
After awhile he seemed to settle down...whatever was causing such concern no longer bothered him...he walked back to his bed and went to sleep.
Lucky him. I stared at the ceiling most of the night.

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cindy said... the dog funny! Yep, I would have been wide awake as well. And I LOVE Panera's. Ate there today. Their French Onion Soup is sooooo good on a chilly day. And we sat by the fire was heavenly!


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