Thursday, March 19, 2009

A treat for the senses

I won a give away and my goodies arrived today! I feel like these wonderful treats are just perfect for me. I love parties and color and candy!
Look how awesome they look in this basket that I placed them in.

It's a color explosion!!!

These party hats full of sugar and sweetness are amazing.

These cones are simply divine!

Dianne has done an amazing job with these! I can think of so many ideas inspired by all that colorful fun! They'd make wonderful party favors for birthdays, showers...! Great basket fillers for Easter or fundraisers! They'd be great end-of-the school year gifts...or "just because" gifts.

Thanks Dianne! I love them!!!
Go say hello to Dianne.
Shop her colorful world of goodies!

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cindy said...

Love all the fun!


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