Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Egg Swap

It's time for the Easter Egg Hunt!
We each made 2 eggs and sent them to Vivian. She sent us two eggs back, and now we are on the hunt for who made our eggs!!!
I made 4 eggs to send to Viv and here they are!

Egg One

Egg Two

Egg Three

Egg Four

And here are the wonderful eggs I received!

This sugary egg came with a bunny and a collage.

This delicate egg is sweet and natural!

This one is an extra treat from Viv, and it has chocolate inside!

This was great fun. Thanks Viv!!!! Happy Hunting everyone!

Update: I found who made one of my eggs. Thanks Kathy! Kathy made the sugary sweet bunny scene inside the pink plastic egg. I love it, and all the extra goodies too!
I found my other egg artist! Thanks Tina!


The Other Side of Me said...

Your eggs are ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!! I enjoyed hopping over to see your goodies!

Christine Edwards said...

Elizabeth, your eggs are so incredibly ornate, just like a Fabergé egg. Beautiful! Looks like you got some lovely ones in return. Happy hopping.

vivian said...

thanks for joining the swap! Your eggs are gorgeous! I'm so glad you sent the extra ones, as I did up sending them out! and thank you for the sweet gifties you sent me too! hugs!!

AwtemNymf said...

I'm blog hopping from Viv's Egg swap Egg Hunt! You made and got some charming eggs! Wasn't this fun! Have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

Your eggs are beautiful! So creative. I would love if you would create a tutorial. Please contact me if you do!
Happy Easter!

kana said...

I love the eggs you made! What did you cover the eggs with?

Stefanie said...

Your eggs are G o R g E o U s.
Love the colors you used.
Fun swap.
Happy Hopping.

Little Lovables said...

Your eggs are truly a work of art, extremely impressive!

How do you get the glitter to stay on like that, do you use spray adhesive or something? I can never get it to work!!

Frippery said...

Your eggs are adorable. I like the ones you received as well.

kathy said...

Yahoo we were partners -- I love my sweet blue egg and all the beading work too too sweet - Glad you like mine to you - It was great fun and the extras -kathy - ga

Folksie Linda said...

Hi Elizabeth...woo hoo..i received one of your eggs.. and it is beautiful.. i got easter egg three.. it is so pretty and so unique..thank you for making it. I hope you are having a fun day.. love the eggs you made and the ones you received! Beautiful! Thanks so much! Hugs, Linda from Linda's Goodies

Puddle of Grace said...

I LOVE your eggs! I agree with Michelle... you should do a tutorial on them!!! (and anything else you can teach us!!!)

Julie said...

The eggs you made are adorable and whimsical...I love them.
The eggs you got are precious...
What a great see all these beautiful treasures. julie

Geralyn Gray said...

Oh, I love your eggs---really sparkly and ornate!

Linda said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Lovely egg no 2 made it's way to Australia, thank you so much it is just beautiful.
Cheers Linda

Tina said...

Oh good I am so glad you enjoyed it - Happy Easter


Leslie said...

All of the eggs you made are beautiful and the ones you recieved are creative and great too!
Hoppy Easter, Leslie

faerie enchantment said...

All your eggs are Beautiful!
Magic and Joy!

Malissa said...

Elizabeth I have your beautiful pink egg and can't wait to put it out every year! I'm sorry it took so long for me to get around here! Your art and your family is beautiful!

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