Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Love Without Boundaries Art Auction!
9 am Pacific

Help heal a heart!

The art auction starts April 23 and goes to April 28.

I donated this painting to the auction in honor of my two beautiful nieces.

Journey of the White Swan

Here are my thoughts about this painting:
The lotus blossom candles guide their journey home across the ocean on the White Swan... cushioned by a nest of protective feathers, and...followed by the Winged Hearts... to signify that adoption is a true gift of the heart... and also to symbolize that their Chinese heritage will always be a part of who they are...a birth gift they brought with them from China. The girls each hold a single swan feather to symbolize the transformation to their forever family. Feathers also have been associated with maternal love and spirituality.

Go check out all the wonderful items up for bid right here. There are over 300 incredible items up for bid (items gradually added) with EVERY penny going to fund heart surgeries for Chinese orphans.

Spread the word!!!!

1 comment: said...

Hi Elizabeth!

I like your interpretation of the art piece! I agree about feather symbolism.

Thank-you for stopping by The Katillac Shack!
Bentley sounds wonderful!

love, kelee

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