Friday, July 10, 2009

Pup Pics

The last five days have been all about the puppy...24/7... as I try to train him to ring the bell to go out, and "catch" him before any accidents occur. I've only had a few hours of sleep each night. Thankfully, every night he gets a little bit better at sleeping longer. It's like having a newborn, but I know if I'm consistent now it will pay off later.

I think I'm making a little progress. I've been taking him out often, so there haven't been many accidents. He's aware of the bell ringing and is starting to make the connection. When I ring it, he stops in his tracks and looks up. I'm still waiting for the moment when he rings the bell himself.

He knows his name and usually comes when you call him.

It's interesting to see the differences in his personality and Bentley's. This little guy is a bundle of energy. He definetly has the most energy of anyone in our family, ha ha...which makes for exhaustng days! He LOVES his toys and jumps from one to the other all day. A little spitfire taking on the world and all the other pets.

He's caused quite a stir. Bentley is not sure what to make of him when he chases him and bites his tail. Poor Bentley doesn't defend himself and just scampers away. He can't get a moment's peace. I've been trying to make up for it by giving Bentley a lot more attention and a lot more walks.

In addition, Peaches, our cat, has been constantly underfoot too. She's usually a shy skittish cat, but she's been demanding her fair share of attention from me too! It's really funny. I feel like Doctor Doolittle with all the pets following me around all day.

Digging into the toy pile

He likes to rest on the first step. (I move him to his bed when he's groggy, so no one steps on him)

Go ahead, make my day!

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Mei Mei Journal said...

We were waiting for more cute puupy pics. Lauren is anxious to meet him

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