Saturday, December 5, 2009

What hat are you wearing today?

It was still dark when I woke up today...rested. Do you feel like you're getting away with something when this happens? I do. Bonus hours!

In the stillness of the house, my thoughts were free to pop up all over the place like mushrooms...or maybe it had nothing to do with the quiet, and more to do with the the fact that the growing conditions were just right for such thoughts. Lots of manure perhaps, ha!


It's funky, musky business. Sometimes it stinks. Sometimes it's nutty and smooth and drenched in an intoxicating wine sauce.


Sometimes, we think we're on the right path until we look up and realize we have no idea where we are. Sometimes we know it's the wrong path, but can't figure out the directions or read the signs. We've listened to people we met along the journey who've told us who they think we should or shouldn't be...what we should eat, do, think, take, love, make... Who we should be!

We take their advice, trying it on like a hat. Sometimes it fits, sometimes it feels clownish...too big or small. We carry it with us on our walk until we come to a point where we realize it no longer fits us, and we drop it like a pebble...behind us. We try on different these "hats,"... searching for the right fit.

Sometimes we lose ourselves in the process... caught up in the fantasy of make-believe. It was fun while it lasted, but now we have to follow the bread crumbs back home. Sometimes in the dark, by ourselves. Sometimes arm in arm with those we love. Always changed in some important way.

You know when you get there, because every sense in your being says....ahhh, this feels like home. Why did I wait so long to come back!


Enjoy the journey, silly hats and all!

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Find a way

Find a way
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